Is active on various levels within the discipline of architecture, from architectural design to urban planning. His knowledge is international in its scope whilst remaining local in its focus.

1978 Born in Bratislava /SK/
2000-2001 EA Lyon /F/
2003 Degree in Architecture, FA STU, Bratislava, /SK/
2003- PhD Studies, FA STU Bratislava /SK/
2003-2007 Architectural Office RAUM established in Bratislava /SK/, Co-founder
2004 Student Workshop, Fels am Wagram /A/, assistant Professor, FA STU
2006 Student Workshop, Partizánske /SK/, assistant Professor, FA STU
2007-2014 Vidal i Solanes arq., Barcelona /ES/, collaboration architect
2012 Architectural Office 2+2 ARCHITECTURE established in Barcelona /ES/, Co-founder
2016 Member of Slovak Chamber of Architects
2019 Member of editorial board of ARCH magazine
2019 Head of department of public space in MIB (Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava)

2010 Prize of Architecture ARCH 2010 /Housing in Bratislava/ /SK/
2012 3rd prize, Competition, Public Space CEVA Carouge-Bachet, Genève /CH/
2012 4th prize, Competition, Secondary School, Renens, Lausanne /CH/
2012 2nd prize, Competition, Public Space CEVA Champel-Hôpital, Genève /CH/
2013 2nd prize, Competition, Student Residence, Genève /CH/
2013 2nd prize, Competition, Community Centre, Lancy, Genève /CH/
2013 3rd prize, Competition, Housing, Soral /CH/
2014 2nd prize, Competition, Community Centre with Theatre, Grand-Saconnex /CH/
2014 3rd prize, Competition, Housing with Nursery, Barcelona /ES/
2014 Special prize, Competition, Urban design, Trencin /SK/
2014 5th prize, Competition, Housing, Lausanne /CH/
2016 3rd prize, Competition, New Mixed Use Development, Bratislava /SK/
2019 Prize of Architecture ARCH 2019 Office building for drilling company, Bratislava/SK/